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PostAds Group invents first-ever SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service) AI platform via Prodigy

You've heard of SaaS (Software as a Service) for project management, workflow and digital asset management; but this is the first you've ever heard of a SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service) solution because Prodigy invented this new acronym to define how our AI platform outperforms traditional SaaS products for production workflow. Prodigy is a cloud-based production data collection and reporting platform with AI technology for global marketers. Especially timely given remote working, Prodigy helps centralize and automate decades-old legacy production business operations that live in email, Excel and Google docs. Using AI technology, Prodigy ingests production job details so that zero data entry burdens are placed on subscribers; users simply access their project dashboards for review and run reports with data visualization options in real-time for TV, digital, social, print, photography, and OOH productions. The decision on how to offer Prodigy to the open marketplace was based on the founder's vast experience vetting and implementing SaaS products for the world's largest advertisers and content creators. Applying lessons learned from past implementations and extensively "white boarding" the pro's and con's of those experiences, a new innovation of offering software with a managed service layer was born. In early 2019 the product went live internally at PostAds Group to help automate the company's production consulting operations; this gave the Prodigy launch team over a year of hands-on incubation with the company's live production projects for existing clients such as Mastercard and Verizon. Once the pandemic hit in early 2020, the decision to make Prodigy available industry-wide as a stand-alone product was made and is creating excitement in the advertising production and finance communities. The story of Prodigy's SaaMS pandemic product launch debuted at the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Financial Management Committee meeting on September 15, 2020. Debra Hedgecock, Vice President of Agency Operations for Worldwide Marketing at Mastercard and John Lipuma, CEO of Prodigy by PostAds Group co-presented a case study "Creating a Cloud-based AI solution for Production Data Collection, Spend and Reporting" that featured the transition of Mastercard's production data to a centralized platform for remote workers with no marketer, ad agency or supplier manual data entry required. Using AI technology for automated ingest of production project data, Mastercard was able to implement Prodigy with no business disruptions or SaaS-type user trainings - just a simple accessing of all the production data reporting in a visually appealing dashboard for each project. As of May 2022, Prodigy's platform encompasses over $530M in production project spend across 58 brands and 30 ad agencies in the Automotive, Financial Services, Gaming, Media & Entertainment and Telecom & Technology marketing sectors in over 40 countries. Nearly 5,000 bids from over 570 production suppliers have been ingested into the platform using AI and machine learning technology. Prodigy's production data coordination teams curate the data and develop customized reporting templates with data visualization tools that aggregate data for marketer analysis. Prodigy teams collaborate with their marketing operation counterparts to interpret the data for strategic business insights that can be used to optimize production spending. Join the SaaMS future and sign up for a demo at

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