Prodigy is our cloud-based production data collection and reporting platform with AI technology for content creators.

Especially timely given Covid-19 remote working, Prodigy centralizes and automates legacy production business operations that live in email, Excel and Google docs.  Using AI technology, Prodigy ingests production project details so that zero data entry burdens are placed on client and ad agency team members; users simply access their project dashboards for review and run reports with data visualization tools in real-time for TV, digital, social, print, photography and OOH productions.

Prodigy innovates the industry's first SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service) solution; unlike traditional SaaS (Software as a Service) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) solutions that require self-navigation, data entry and ongoing user training, Prodigy offers a visually appealing software interface with a managed service layer for seamless process improvement and new technology implementation.

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Here's what the industry is saying about Prodigy:

"I've seen the Prodigy demo and urge my agency and client side peers to invest 20 minutes of their time on seeing this demo.  This is a game-changer."

- Claudia Lezcano, AVP Product Market @ Celebrity Cruises

"Very smart and practical approach to aggregating production data!"

- Senior Regional Manager, Data & Digital @ Global Pharmaceutical Company

"This level of transparency is something all clients constantly strive for, which should make it a no brainer. Prodigy is exactly the solution I'll be recommending."

- SVP, Global Operations Director @ Global Creative Ad Agency 


"It was good to see the excitement and interest around Prodigy."

-VP, Global Strategic Sourcing @ Global Consumer Goods Company


"We were impressed with Prodigy and the different types of insights it can provide about our business operations."

- COO @ Global Holding Company Ad Agency


"Thank you for your good thinking and recommendations on helping us track, analyze and normalize our data."

- VP Broadcast @ Entertainment Network Company