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PostAds Group Trademarks SaaMS™, Sets Stage for Launching Second New Business: "DataCascade"

PostAds Group, the MarTech incubation company that launched Prodigy ( in 2020, has officially trademarked its innovative SaaMS™ (Software as a Managed Service) AI service model that now manages over $1 billion in marketing production data in its platform. The company plans to launch its second new company called DataCascade in late 2023, offering its SaaMS™ AI-ML platform to help companies eliminate manual data entry from their own internal systems.

PostAds Group created the SaaMS™ AI-ML platform for Prodigy to automate data ingest of marketing production information such as creative briefs, agency estimates and supplier bids. The solution was an immediate success with global marketers with over 100+ brands and 60+ ad agencies adopting the platform for marketing efficiency data analytics and operational management. The full-service Prodigy solution includes the Prodigy app, SaaMS™ AI workflow implementation and production consulting to help marketers interpret and analyze their business using data visualizations with insights reporting. Leveraging the SaaMS™ AI platform for use cases beyond Prodigy and as a means of eliminating data entry across non-Prodigy platforms is the promise behind the launch of DataCascade.

"Most businesses today are struggling with legacy SaaS solutions because it requires laborious manual data entry on the part of numerous internal and external stakeholders," said Mark Dunn, Co-founder & COO of PostAds Group. "We invented SaaMS™ AI-ML to handle those manual tasks and free up the productivity of human workers. Now that the platform is built, it can be used to solve problems across any legacy SaaS system. Companies can use DataCascade within their own workflow environments as a connector to any internal or third-party systems that require manual data entry." DataCascade replaces manual data entry by ingesting documents via a "drag & drop" portal or direct API integration; the SaaMS™ AI-ML platform extracts the data and automates output directly into a client's existing internal system.

"The early results have been very promising," said John Lipuma, Co-founder and CEO of PostAds Group. "DataCascade enables us to extend the genius of SaaMS™ AI-ML to any business that wants to remove manual data entry from their workflow." PostAds Group is privately funding the incubation of DataCascade across a number of industries and plans to announce its public availability in late 2023.

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