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PostAds Group, Inc.

244 Madison Avenue, Suite 144

New York, NY 10016

Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
London, UK
Barcelona, SPA
Milan, ITA
What We Do
PostAds Group’s Marketer-Direct production consulting practice addresses the urgent need of global advertisers transitioning out of legacy-driven production models to new brand-direct executional platforms for producing, editing, finishing, adapting, distributing and archiving content across TV, Digital, Social, In-Cinema and e-commerce channels.
The four (4) primary components of our consulting services are:

 Assessment.  Defining a client’s “current state” supply chain is our first step in evaluating how legacy processes, technology and pricing models are affecting your business.


 Strategy + Execution.  Using the Assessment findings, we develop a customized Production Strategy + Executional Plan that will deliver new efficiency and best practices.


 Implementation & Change Management.  Bringing best practices to fruition via our implementation planning, project management and change management methodology.


 AdRecovery™: Production Reporting & Analytics.  Our proprietary AdRecovery™ reporting system provides operational, spending & savings analytics for TV, Digital, Social, In-Cinema, Print, and e-commerce campaigns.