What We Do
PostAds Group’s Marketer-Direct production consulting practice addresses the urgent need of global advertisers transitioning out of legacy-driven production models to new brand-direct executional platforms for producing, editing, finishing, adapting, distributing and archiving content across TV, Digital, Social, In-Cinema and e-commerce channels.
The four (4) primary components of our consulting services are:

 Assessment.  Defining a client’s “current state” supply chain is our first step in evaluating how legacy processes, technology and pricing models are affecting your business.


 Strategy + Execution.  Using the Assessment findings, we develop a customized Production Strategy + Executional Plan that will deliver new efficiency and best practices.


 Implementation & Change Management.  Bringing best practices to fruition via our implementation planning, project management and change management methodology.


 AdRecovery™: Production Reporting & Analytics.  Our proprietary AdRecovery™ reporting system provides operational, spending & savings analytics for TV, Digital, Social, In-Cinema, Print, and e-commerce campaigns.