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Prodigy supports Verizon's Marketing Action Plan for Diverse Production & Creative Supply Chains

Verizon announced a new responsible marketing action plan to expand its commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives in 2021. The plan calls for increasing diversity across its creative supply chains, including spending over 30% with diverse owned production companies and increasing video productions using diverse directors from 24% to 30%.

Prodigy, the cloud-based production data collection and reporting platform with AI technology, is the means by which Verizon Marketing Effectiveness teams are gathering, analyzing, measuring and reporting on these DE&I goals to ensure progress, accountability and transparency. This innovative SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service) solution ingests creative briefs, agency estimates and supplier bids using AI and machine learning technology and eliminates the need for manual data entry on the part of client, agency and supplier stakeholders. The platform captures all the project spend information, identifies use of Certified Minority-owned Businesses and aggregates the information for Verizon team members on interactive dashboards for review.

“Verizon’s responsible marketing action plan sets a new DE&I standard that is not only the right thing to do, it is good for business,” said Diego Scotti, Chief Marketing Officer, Verizon.

Joining the DE&I initiative in partnership are Verizon's ad agency partners Interpublic (IPG), Publicis and WPP, who are implementing the new marketing action plans to drive impact. Prior to Prodigy, all of the individual production data from various ad agency partners required manually gathering briefs, estimates and supplier bids living in Excel spreadsheets, PDF's and agency producer inboxes. The need to automate this process and centralize Verizon production data in a cloud-based environment accelerated during the pandemic in 2020 and Prodigy was a timely solution implemented when the world shifted to remote working. Working closely with Verizon's Marketing Effectiveness and Broadcast Production teams, custom reporting templates were created to track the company's overall production transformation initiatives in addition to DE&I goals.

The full press release of Verizon's DE&I announcement is available here:

Verizon expands its DE&I reach with new responsible marketing action plan


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