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"MarTech Hollywood Story": Prodigy-Lionsgate @ANA In-House Agency Meeting

Prodigy & Lionsgate Films co-presented its "MarTech Hollywood Story" case study at the ANA In-House Committee Meeting on October 20 in New York. Over thirty (30) brand marketers attended the event, including Bank of America, CITI, General Mills, E*Trade, PGA, Sanofi, Sargento Foods, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Walmart.

Ross Necessary, SVP Global Marketing Operations at Lionsgate led the discussion on evaluating and implementing project management, financial reporting and DAM software systems as part of his enterprise-wide MarTech initiative. Ross supports Lionsgate's Theatrical, Home Entertainment, Publicity, Marketing Finance and Creative teams on content production, post-production, ad distribution, localization, asset management and budget reconciliation.

Joining Ross was John Lipuma, Co-founder & CEO of Prodigy by PostAds Group. Prodigy is a cloud-based production data storytelling platform with AI technology. Offered as a SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service), an innovative solution that eliminates client-side data entry using AI for business intelligence reporting with data visualization tools.

The session reviewed the common challenges faced by all marketers working with legacy SaaS (Software as a Service) systems, including:

SILOS...multiple departments using multiple SaaS systems.

REDUNDANCY...overlapping use cases across departments.

MANUAL DATA ENTRY...data only as good as those entering info.

DATA INTEGRITY...data gaps result in unusable data sets.

TRAINING...constant influx of users requires ongoing systems training.

ORG CHANGES...SaaS initiatives often stalled due to org changes.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT...introducing change brings resistance.

REMOTE WORKING...compounds all of the above!

Ross explained that Lionsgate's MarTech approach isn't to find a magic bullet, "one size fits all" system to replace the multiple incumbent SaaS systems; but to organize around extracting data from the various work streams and eliminating redundancies wherever possible. The Prodigy SaaMS model is dual-threat tech solution using 1) AI to eliminate human data entry and 2) API's to integrate with incumbent SaaS to automate data ingest in support of Ross' vision of extracting data without changing how his teams currently work.

With Prodigy acting as a centralized AI integration hub ingesting relevant production project data (creative briefs, agency estimates and supplier invoices) and aggregating for organizational data storytelling, Ross sees the resulting business insights as "holding up a mirror" to internal practices that can either "validate" existing best practices or "inspire through data" new and better ways of doing things.

The session concluded with a demo of Prodigy and Q&A. A link to the session is available here:


Visit us at www.pagprodigy.com to schedule a demo of Prodigy for 2022 planning!

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