• John Lipuma, CEO, PostAds Group

Prodigy @ Advertising Week New York OCT 18-21 at Hudson Yards

PostAds Group will be attending Advertising Week New York @ Hudson Yards on October 18-21, continuing the fall road show of Prodigy, our cloud-based production data storytelling platform with AI technology.

Prodigy is our cloud-based production data storytelling platform with AI technology. Offered as an innovative SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service) solution, Prodigy replaces legacy SaaS models where manual data entry is required by marketers, ad agency and supplier stakeholders to enter in project briefs, agency estimates and supplier invoice detail. Using AI and centralized data management technology, Prodigy ingests all the project specs and spend information so that zero data entry is required of customers. Marketers simply log onto their Prodigy accounts to view dashboards with data visualization reporting (the "Software"), with the platform & Prodigy QC teams handling 100% of the data ingest (the "Managed Service"). Especially timely given remote working, the SaaMS model also eliminates time-consuming systems training and change management initiatives inherent in SaaS enterprise-wide implementations.

Prodigy has co-presented case studies with Mastercard at the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Production Management Committee and Financial Management Committee meetings in 2021; most recently co-presented with Lionsgate Films a session entitled "Lionsgate In-House Marketing's MarTech Hollywood Story" to the ANA In-House Agency Committee, sharing insights on how to navigate legacy SaaS systems across theatrical, home entertainment, creative, publicity and marketing groups utilizing Prodigy.

This marks the in-person return of PostAds Group to Advertising Week New York, having previously been a featured speaker at Advertising Week New York 2019 @ AMC Lincoln Square, Entertainment Stage. Click the link below for our 10-minute video presentation:


Visit www.pagprodigy.com to schedule a demo of Prodigy for 2022 planning!

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