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"Numbers Move Decisions!": Brands React to Prodigy Demo at ANA Production Management Meeting

Prodigy debuted its Mastercard Case Study "Automating Production Data Collection & Reporting via AI Technology" at the ANA Production Management Committee meeting on February 9. Prodigy is a cloud-based production data collection and reporting platform with AI technology, created by the global production consultancy PostAds Group.

The presentation generated tremendous interest with over 100 Production Management Committee members across 80 brands registering for the virtual event and garnered some immediate praise:

"I'm drooling! Excited to see all of those reports. Numbers move decisions! #datageek"

- Executive Producer, Creative

Fortune 500 Global Healthcare Company

"Prodigy is a pretty impressive bit of technology, it was fascinating to see what you've built!"

- VP, Video & Events, Marketing Communications

Global Financial Services Company

"I found your presentation and industry knowledge incredibly insightful. Technology has made leaps and bounds that will enable advertising to operate with much greater efficiency and you seem to have an incredible window into this."

- Global Senior Manager, Strategy

Global Technology, Strategy & Business Transformation Consultancy

In the session, Debra Hedgecock, VP Global Agency Relations at Mastercard, shared how Prodigy was implemented during the pandemic to help centralize and automate decades-old legacy production business functions without a disruptive change management process with brand and agency stakeholders. Valerie Light, former Broadcast Production Manager at Verizon and current Prodigy Advisory Board member lent her insights on why Prodigy's SaamS (Software as a Managed Service Model) model of eliminating client-side data entry using AI technology represents such a revolutionary innovation for the industry.

Brendan O'Malley, Senior Manager Broadcast Production at Verizon and Co-Chair of the ANA Production Management Committee and Emily Fleischer, Broadcast Production Manager at Verizon also shared their Prodigy implementation and usage story with attendees as part of the group discussion. Verizon was an instrumental early adopter of Prodigy and provided critical brand-side input into the design and functionality of the product.

"Beyond the mechanics of collecting production data efficiently, aggregating it within a visually appealing dashboard and improving process through AI technology - the true value of Prodigy for marketers is the role it plays in data storytelling," said John Lipuma, CEO of Prodigy by PostAds Group. "Organizations only get better at doing things when the data revealed about their activity is so compelling that it needs to be acted on. Creating narratives from the data to inspire positive action among colleagues and creating sustainable enterprise-wide belief in the game plan for improvement and efficiency is what Prodigy is all about."

To learn more about Prodigy and schedule a demo visit www.pagprodigy.com

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