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How 5 Different Industries Use Prodigy's Production Data AI Platform

Prodigy, the cloud-based production data collection and reporting platform with AI technology, has been implemented with blue chip marketers across five high-volume vertical marketing industries: Automotive, Financial services, Gaming, Media & Entertainment and Telecom & Technology. And while all are using the same technology platform, each have innovated use cases specific to their marketing disciplines.

1. Automotive: Marketing Strategic Insights & Production Data Analytics

Marketer Profile:

  • Global TV, digital and social content across numerous brands & ad agencies.

  • Internal production sourcing units reviewing triple bids and awards.

  • Heavily reliant on manual data gathering of ad agencies.

  • Use of Prodigy software required rigorous content security approval.

Prodigy Usage Profile:

  • Ingest of two-years of production history to establish data baselines.

  • Heavily reliant on AI ingest technology for high volume production activity.

  • Tracking three rounds of triple bidding and negotiated savings.

  • Aggregating data across brands to assess production efficiency.

  • Using Data Storytelling to drive marketing production operations strategy.

Marketers in the automative space are global advertisers with numerous ad agencies handling a high-volume book of production business across many brands. What has made automative marketers unique in recent years is the formation of internal production sourcing units that handle the triple bidding of agency-selected production and post company candidates. The sheer volume of projects and bids requiring review over third rounds of negotiations and inevitable scope changes can cause a "fog of war" environment for sourcing and marketing stakeholders: fighting the day-to-day battles of production work but not having the time nor wherewithal to assess the cumulative data and results for strategic insights necessary to win the proverbial war. Prodigy serves as the "secret weapon" technology for automative marketers looking to augment their manpower with a cloud-based tool that a) doesn't require stakeholder data entry and b) doesn't require a change management initiative with ad agencies. All of the existing in-house processes between sourcing, ad agencies and suppliers remain the same; Prodigy simply ingests the creative briefs, agency estimates and supplier bids via AI technology so that Marketing Operations can access and review all of the aggregated data viewable on dashboards to help inform strategy and actionable business intelligence that ensures optimal efficiency.

2. Financial Services: Centralizing & Aggregating Production Data across Global Markets

Marketer Profile:

  • Large-scale TV productions.

  • High-profile event sponsorships with high-volume digital & social content.

  • Adapting content for use across international markets.

Prodigy Usage Profile:

  • Big picture dashboards with data visualizations.

  • Marketing, Finance and Agency operations user groups.

  • Tracking active projects status, project type, by region.

  • Capturing supplier costs by line item and savings programs.

  • Use of diverse suppliers – by company, by director, by on-camera talent.

  • Use of sustainable productions methods.

Marketers within this segment tend to create large scale TV productions in conjunction with high-profile event sponsorships along with lots of digital and social content throughout the year supporting business growth. As such there is a critical need to centralize and aggregate global production project data from global agencies as many as 50+ countries across North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. Using Prodigy's AI and machine learning technology to collect data from such a large and disparate production ecosystem replaces manual methods, with added benefit of viewing big picture data visualization dashboards so marketing, media and financial leadership teams have visibility into global production activity in real-time. The platform not only tracks active production projects and those in the pipeline, it captures all of the supplier costs by line item and corresponding savings achieved through triple bidding, price negotiations and adapted content as part of its overall marketing effectiveness efforts.

3. Gaming: Agency Operations Support to Manage VFX & Post Supply Chains

Marketer Profile:

  • TV, digital and social content with high-end VFX & Post-Production services.

  • Global creative partners needing adaptation across dozens of markets.

  • Using robust in-house content studio and third-party post suppliers.

  • Use of Prodigy software required rigorous content security approval.

Prodigy Usage Profile:

  • Ingest of two-years of production history to establish data baselines.

  • Benchmarking specific to Animation, VFX & Motion Graphics services.

  • Organizing approved estimates, triple bids and payments for project actualization, including credits and currency conversions for EU work.

  • Dashboard reporting to track projects in real-time, including calendar views, spend by supplier (in-house vs. 3rd-party) and finished assets.

There are many unique attributes to being a gaming marketer that make this segment unique among traditional advertisers. Typically the multi-million dollar productions to launch new hardware and gaming systems involve high-end visual effects and post-production services from existing assets such as video or music from the games themselves. With multiple agencies sourcing production and post partners via a manual bidding process using email, its difficult and time-consuming to capture and aggregate all of the cost details using that same manual process. Prodigy provides an AI ingest support system to automate data collection and produce real-time reporting on the key categories of spending specific to Visual Effects, Motion Graphics and Editorial & Finishing services. By using data to help educate internal stakeholders on the intricacies of post-production services and workflow, Gaming marketers gain a fuller understanding on the biggest spend category within their production budgets.

4. Media & Entertainment: Cloud-based SaaMS for Enterprise-wide Financial Reporting

Marketer Profile:

  • TV, digital, social & OOH marketing content across multiple business units.

  • Enterprise-wide organizations with Creative, Finance, Operations, Marketing Servicing and Publicity stakeholders.

  • Using robust in-house content creation and large third-party supply chains.

  • Multiple legacy finance and project management software in place per mergers & acquisitions and BU’s operating in silos.

Prodigy Usage Profile:

  • Tracking marketing budget activity in real-time for campaigns in-progress.

  • Heavily reliant on AI ingest technology for high volume spend reporting.

  • Organizing and streamlining production-centric data enterprise-wide as replacement of legacy systems.

  • Real-time budget availability vs. actual spending for cross-BU reporting.

An industry that experienced dynamic market shifts during the pandemic and unable to produce feature films available to the public at the box office, traditional theatrical marketing transformed by necessity into a robust home streaming environment dominated by Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max and Netflix among many others. Coupled with the continued mergers and acquisitions that has long kept the entertainment business in organizational flux, the recent example of AT&T merging its WarnerMedia into Discovery underscores the challenge of these companies having a consistent informational backbone for managing all of its TV, digital, social and OOH marketing activity, much less having the ability to strategically analyze its production activity for best practices and cost savings. Added to the list of challenges inherent in mergers are often the inheritance of multiple legacy financial, workflow and DAM systems that somehow need to be sorted. Rather than waiting years for the organization to streamline and consolidate systems, Prodigy offered an immediate data entry-free option to ingest existing cost information from stakeholders across Creative, Finance, Operations, Marketing Servicing and Publicity departments. The SaaMS (Software as a Managed Service) solution serves as an ingenious solution for making a big enterprise-wide impact on efficiency without the burdens of a massive change management systems initiative where Prodigy becomes the integration hub for whatever systems need to connected later.

5. Telecom & Technology: Granular Data for Agency Effectiveness & Diversity KPI's

Marketer Profile:

  • Large-scale TV productions with multiple agency partners.

  • Large ecosystem of 100+ production and post suppliers.

  • Productions managed by in-house broadcast production and data analysis fed into marketing effectiveness teams.

Prodigy Usage Profile:

  • Numerous reporting templates as developed by brand data analytics teams.

  • Heavily reliant on AI ingest technology for high volume # of bids.

  • Tracking over 2,000 data points relating to corporate KPI targets.

  • Capturing supplier costs by line item and savings programs.

  • Capturing DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) data analytics.

  • Data visualization reports bi-weekly for internal CMO team presentations.

Telecom & Technology companies typically employ a half dozen creative agencies utilizing an ecosystem of nearly one hundred production and post-production providers. Many have developed in-house broadcast production sourcing teams to help manage the process for marketing stakeholders. As early adopters of our technology, internal teams designed a process of funneling all production and post-production project details via AI ingestion into Prodigy. Through its marketing data analytics group, reporting templates within Prodigy were created to track over 2,000 data points relating to corporate KPI targets, including expanding the use of diverse suppliers for measurement against DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) goals. These reports are updated automatically within Prodigy anytime new projects are added to the platform, providing intricate and granular production spend data for stakeholders to review at a moment's notice. "You get what you measure" is a truism when tasked with undertaking transformative initiatives such as expanding diverse production supply chains. Prodigy's database of certified diverse suppliers and capturing of diverse directors, on-camera talent and commercial content itself promoting economic benefit to diverse communities are now universal KPI features available on our platform.

One common AI platform and technology, five different industries finding utility specific to their respective marketing disciplines to operate better, faster and smarter using production data. All without a single keystroke of data entry required by marketers, ad agencies or suppliers!

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