• John Lipuma, CEO

PostAds & Mastercard present Production Innovations Case Study at ANA Production & Finance Meeting

PostAds Group joined Mastercard in presenting a Production Innovations case study to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Joint Production Management & Financial Management Committee Meeting on September 19, 2019 in New York. Debra Hedgecock, Vice President, Global Agency Relations at Mastercard led the presentation with John Lipuma, CEO of PostAds Group.

Over the past year Mastercard has embarked on a journey to improve commercial production processes and recently implemented a new production bid automation technology with its global agencies and in-house content group. In partnership with PostAds Group (Mastercard's global production consultant), the brand is successfully changing legacy processes, overcoming supply chain resistance and achieving greater cost efficiencies - all without sacrificing creativity. In this session, Mastercard and PostAds Group shared their colorful journey toward greater transparency into agency bidding of production and post-production suppliers - a true change management success story. PostAds Group also shared a demonstration of Mastercard's production bidding platform for committee members.

PostAds Group has served as Mastercard's global production consultancy since 2015. Serving a critical role in Mastercard's production process for TV, digital and social videos, PostAds Group works directly with global agency McCann and its production arm Craft Worldwide in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions. The production workflow includes all pre-production review of concepts and storyboards, sourcing of production company suppliers, managing preferred post-production suppliers for editorial & finishing services, creation of all deliverables for distribution to broadcast and digital outlets, as well as managing of all final assets via Mastercard's Digital Asset Management system AssetsPlus.

PostAds Group's implementation of a new automated production bidding platform in 2019 has been replacing manual methods of receiving production company and post-production company bids via emails. McCann producers initiate bids within the Mastercard platform, bidders respond within the platform to submit their proposals and work with Mastercard & PostAds Group teams on reviewing bids for approval and supplier awards. The goal of streamlining production processes, increasing transparency, improving approval timelines and creating a reporting mechanism for critical Mastercard production data continues to be achieved with the ongoing rollout of the bidding software.

The ANA Production Management Committee helps members optimize their investments in advertising production and keeps members up-to-date on new technologies and resources. The Financial Management Committee explores efficiencies, cost savings and return on investment strategies for marketers. The two committees hold a Joint Committee meeting annually and PostAds Group was honored to be invited by Mastercard to co-present this year's innovation case study.

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