• John Lipuma, CEO, PostAds Group

PostAds Group and StudioNow partner to Offer Marketer-direct Production Solutions

PostAds Group, the leading post-production consultancy for global marketers and StudioNow, the leader in scalable video content solutions, has announced a joint partnership for marketer-direct video production and consulting services.

Under this new partnership, PostAds Group’s post-production consultancy will now include video production consulting and executional capability via StudioNow’s video creation marketplace. The partnership addresses an urgent need for marketers whose proliferation of video content is outpacing the capacity of legacy content production models.

“Marketers are creating more video content than ever before and their ability to successfully manage all of this new production is a central challenge in the industry,” said John Lipuma, CEO of PostAds Group. “StudioNow has innovated the new path forward in video production with its curated Creative Network and Production Management technology; combined with PostAds Group’s post-production strategy and change management solutions, together we can help marketers implement next-generation platforms necessary to support their infinite production needs.”

StudioNow’s expertise in building in-house content studios within marketing organisations for all manners of video content across broadcast, digital, mobile and social channels is a critical component to the joint services offering. For the first time marketers will be empowered to take direct control of their content creation projects centrally – with the added benefit of a dedicated PostAds-StudioNow resource in place to manage the variety of external partners used for producing, finishing, distributing, repurposing and archiving digital video assets.

“StudioNow simplifies and adds massive scale to the process of executing a vast and diverse set of video production deliverables required by global marketing organizations,” said David Corts, President & COO of StudioNow. “But the ‘after-life’ of those deliverables remains an area of considerable chaos for marketers once it enters the complex ecosystem known as post-production. Our partnership with PostAds Group extends our services into the post world and helps us solve more problems for our clients.”

The StudioNow-PostAds Group partnership comes at a time of upheaval in the industry where marketers, ad agencies, agency holding companies and big consultants are all acquiring in-house creative, production and post-production capabilities on a global scale to deal with the issue of video proliferation and diversification. Both founded in 2007, the two private companies share a history of delivering innovative thinking and executional capability in the specific niche of advertising production and post-production.

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