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Global marketers have been driven into an era of continuous content production. The demand to feed TV, digital, social media and ecommerce channels has forced marketers into becoming essentially content studios – and as such marketers increasingly emulate movie studio behavior as storytellers and content creators. Which all sounds fine on the surface – but if your legacy workflow platforms were built for low volume, slow-turnaround and long shelf-life content and the new reality is high volume, fast tur...

In recent years, industries have been transformed by opening new marketplaces in businesses such as hospitality and transportation. AirBnB and Uber, respectively, accessed previously untapped inventories that were created and made accessible through sophisticated yet user-friendly applications.

This share economy model has since been applied to various industries, including pets with DogVacay, money lending with LendingClub, and even WiFi accessibility with Fon. This explosion in the sharing market begs...

George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, once said, “All art is based on technology.” 

Nearly forty years after the original Star Wars, we still owe much of the digital post production technology used in films and TV ads to the early production struggles overcome by creator George Lucas.

When Lucas wrote the script he had a very clear vision of the elaborate universe, characters and spaceship battles that would eventually come to life on screen. But early during the filming process he kept hitting his ’head ag...

It started innocently enough. Marketers have long maintained small internal Audio/Visual rooms for below-the-line jobs and corporate videos; Ad agencies have similarly maintained tiny editorial suites for creating client reels and new business pitches. They were useful, expedient, “nice to have” – and where grunt work reigned supreme. The really important external work was never a consideration for the in-house department. Whatever creative and production crumbs came their way, they were happy to take o...

PostAds Group predicts big changes in the ad business as the balance of power shifts.

The emerging trend of ‘Big Consultants’ acquiring ad agencies and entering the world of creative production is the stuff of Michael Douglas’ character Gordon Gekko in the film ‘Wall Street' where a quintessential Master of the Universe-type conspires to take over lucrative industries with such aplomb that it barely causes a ripple among the unwitting prey until it’s too late.   

The story of the big consultants ‘qui...

PostAds Group, the leading post-production consultancy for global marketers and StudioNow, the leader in scalable video content solutions, has announced a joint partnership for marketer-direct video production and consulting services.

Under this new partnership, PostAds Group’s post-production consultancy will now include video production consulting and executional capability via StudioNow’s video creation marketplace.  The partnership addresses an urgent need for marketers whose proliferation of video c...

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